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Underground River

28 Sep

Two hours from the city, rode a zigzag speedy van and a heart thrilled to see one of the  New7Wonders of Nature. I saw its great shots only from post cards, advertisement billboards, television and on my customized debit card but now I heading to it for real. I’m curious about what is inside the mystique cave and thinking of how it is considered a wonder of nature.

After a van ride, I hopped on a 30 minutes local trimaran ride to the main entry of the underground river. The boatman pointed his index finger towards a long running mountain were passing by and said “your adventure will be under that mountain.” And it’s true! When I was inside the  underground river, I can sense that it was really under that mountain where I was passing through.

The beauty inside is splendid. God’s blessed nature formed wondrously in His hands. You can never say it’s beautiful until you get inside yourself.

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