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Blue Water Splash at El Nido

24 Mar

I can truly say Palawan is a nature blessed island! I was then numb not to appreciate the wonders of Palawan.  I have been staying in this island for more than a year already but it is only now that I realize sharing the beauty of the island is a worth one. My blogging and photography expedition for Palawan has just began and it will be a pleasure doing this for people who loves traveling to places that are truly world wonders.

First stop of bundle pixels I’m posting are from my latest travel to El Nido, a town at the northern tip of the main island. Its grandeur makes it is one of the island attractions where international movies and reality tv shows are taped to mention the Bourne Legacy and the recent Survivor Sweden which I personally witnessed while doing an island hopping at the Secret Lagoon. Most of my shots are from the town proper and islands I visited from the “Tour A” expedition.

Tour A is an island hopping adventure to the Miniloc Island consisting of the Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon and Secret Lagoon. The tour will also bring you to Commando Island, Simizu Island and Entulala Island. If you’re wondering why they are named like this, I would definitely recommend that you discover it by personally visiting El Nido.

There is truly fun in Palawan!

Simizu Island

Miniloc Island

Big Lagoon

Small Lagoon

Main Town, El Nido

Sunset at Corong-Corong

Sunset at the Main Town

Blue Waters of El Nido

My Friends Waiting for Sunset

It's Me! at Simizu Island

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